christmas in hawaii

In the beginning of 2014 we decided it was time to unite the family, for christmas and new years eve, in one special place: Hawaii.

Who’s the family in this case? Marianne and I, our three daughters  and the boys. ” ʻohana “, in hawaian culture, means family, but in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional members. So here we are, all of us, blood-related or not, for twenty days of vacation, divided between the islands of Oahu and Kauai.

For Christmas we prepared a group photo with an anual update. Check out how each couple has spent their year of 2014:

christmas in hawaii
We greeted 2014 on the sands of Bahia with Kalina, Marcos, Maja and Tino (from Switzerland). Unfortunately Sybil and Jason weren’t able to join us! In May, Marianne went to Switzerland for her mother’s 80th birthday and saw Sybil and Jason there.
Also in May, Marek celebrated his first year at the new job with Aliança Hamburg Sud. The year went well with most of our weekends at the beach surfing and hanging out with friends. Since January we have been planning a family reunion which started on December 13th in Hawaii, first on the island of Oahu (9 days) for the Pipeline Masters Surf contest and then on the island of Kauai for Xmas and New Year! There are no words to express how happy we are to have our 3 lovely daughters and the boys with us in Hawaii – a dream come true!!!
(Marianne and Mark – the parents)
Sybil and I began 2014 fresh from our trip exploring the south island of New Zealand. During this experience, we developed our ideas on living life with a simpler, greener and more focused approach. Being now our third full year living in Port Macquarie, daily life in 2014 involved spending time really getting to know the great group of fun and inspiring people that we have now met and made connections with. Sybil has been heavily involved in the progress at our local community garden, spending many evenings planning upcoming events and many weekends out in the garden sun. Sybil’s yoga practice continues to improve, and with my introduction to this, we are now able to practice together. Our labrador, Alaska, turned 2 this year, and our daily routine of early morning beach walks provides a positive start to each and every day. May offered the opportunity for both of us to visit Sybil’s family in Switzerland, with Sybil able to share in Shanti’s 80th birthday celebrations. My focus on running allowed me to run my first marathon in July this year. December offered the chance to reflect on the year that has been, making family memories on the islands of Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii, and renewing our energies for adventures to come in 2015. Aloha aina.
(Sybil and Jason – the oldest sister with her Australian husband; both living in Ozzy Land)
Aloha. We started our year with renewed energies and a tan from Bahia. January was still giving its first steps while Kalina and I were packing up our things to head to an important step in our lives. On our trip to Europe, during the second semester of 2013, we decided it was time to move on to our own place and share much more than just moments. The twelve months of 2014 rushed by in a blink. It was a year of joy and learning inside our relationship, experimenting and building up of our apartment, achievements and dedication to our businesses. Kalina has been getting all the recognition that she deserves – socially and financially – for her talent as an illustrator, and still with so much to achieve. Im tracing my path through new digital technologies, looking to implement daily solutions which are significant enough to allow us to focus on our individual evolution through the good old – and almost lost – human contact. December opened its doors to great perspectives for the following year, and an unforgettable adventure through a cluster of paradisiac islands and perfect waves. 2015 will arrive with a Hawaiian touch and, for sure, with many stories to a new chapter of this story. Mahalo.
(Kalina and Marcos – the middle sister and her boyfriend; living together in Brazil)
The year started going from an extremely hot summer in Bahia to a not so cold winter in Switzerland. The tan went away pretty fast together with the relaxing Bahiano lifestyle. The year back in Switzerland started full on with constant visits to IKEA, each one of us having to fix up the ‘new’ apartments, Maja in Zurich and Tino in Winterthur (city 20 min from Zurich). Maja started her new Job in Private Banking in March and in April Tino was busy with military duty and a trip to China with his Mom. In the meantime we received a visit from Marianne, Sybil and Jason  to celebrate Shanti’s 80th Birthday. It seemed that the summer was approaching, but it never really arrived. Since the warm days were rare this year, we tried to make the best out of it – barbecues, hiking, festivals (also in rainy days), Stand Up Paddling in the lake, Motorcycle rides and our newest hobby, skydiving. When we were starting to enjoy it, summer was finished, and autumn was arriving together with a short visit from Marek. The sun was shining during his visit and we were able to do our last hiking tour for the year.  Our last Skydiving session was at the end of October before the temperatures started to sink. The winter season was officially starting with the first usage of the fireplace, followed by home parties, raclettes and finally the Christmas markets. We are happy to be able to escape from the cold days in Switzerland and finalize the year with the Juzwiaks in Hawaii. Looking forward to 2015 with new experiences and good vibrations.
(Maja and Tino – the youngest sister with her Swiss boyfriend; both living in Switzerland)



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