Hanna Antonina: A Biography

Hanna Antonina Pawłowicz was born on November 26th 1928 in Czerniaków, Warsaw. Her parents were Bohdan Pawłowicz and Wanda Orla-Salmonowicz. She had an older brother, Leszek Kazimierz Pawłowicz.

Early Years




World War II



Rio de Janeiro

After World War II

Rio de Janeiro



At the beginning, the family lived in Curitiba in the state of Paraná, where Hanna studied at Colégio Sion. When her father arrived  from London in 1943 to join the Polish Legation in Rio de Janeiro as assistant Naval Attaché,  the whole family moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she graduated from Colégio Sion Rio in December 1948. As a result of her academic excellence and interest in studying abroad,  in 1949 she was awarded a full scholarship to Wellesley College in the US, where she followed a liberal arts curriculum and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Arts in 1952.

On her return, she married Edward Juźwiak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 6th 1952 and in August 1953, their daughter Barbara was born. In September 1953 they moved to Santos, where Edward was offered a post in a shipping company.  In 1957, Mark was born and  in 1961, the twins: Edward and Jorge.

She is now a grandmother of twelve:

  • 3 boys by her daughter Barbara Wanda Juzwiak (married to Pierre René Paul Dieu):  Jean Marc Dieu, Jacques Edouard Dieu, Christophe André Dieu;
  • 3 girls by her son Mark (married to Marianne, née Collard): Sybil Doyle [née Juzwiak], Kalina Juzwiak, Maja Juzwiak;
  • 1 girl and 2 boys from her son Jorge (married to Cláudia, née Ridel): Teressa Ridel Juzwiak, Aleksander Ridel Juzwiak, Viktor Ridel Juzwiak;
  • 2 girls and 1 boy from her son Edward (divorced from his wife Trudy, née Batt): Stéphanie Batt Juzwiak, Darek Batt Juzwiak and Wendy Batt Juzwiak.

and the great-grandmother of two girls:

  • Melina Azevedo Dieu (from her grandson Jacques, married to Vera, née Azevedo)
  • Leia Dieu Banuet (from her grandson  Jean Marc, married to Mercedes, née Banuet Guiot).

Affiliation: Roman Catholic.

Languages: She is fluent in Polish, English, Portuguese and can communicate very well in French.

Hobby: used to play (a lot of) tennis

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