In this page you will find the descendants of Bohdan Pawłowicz and Wanda Orla-Salmonowicz.

A page has been opened for each member of the family and the linked names below will take you to the biographical or autobiographical pages on which some information was added. Many pages are still being built and will be updated as the writer(s) decide to include more facts or details.

The genealogical tree of the family can be traced from Mr. Minakowski’s Polish database: Genealogy of the descendants of the Great Sejm.


Leszek Kazimierz Pawłowicz and Krystyna Jolanta Obrębska

  • Danuta Helena Pawłowicz and Michael Rogers (divorced)
    • Marc David Rogers
  • Leszek Miroslaw Pawłowicz
  • Wanda Janina Pawłowicz  and Thomas Nevin
    • Parker Nevin
  • Witold Pawłowicz  and Anne Marie Campbell
    • Kalina Pawłowicz
    • Julia Pawłowicz


Hanna Antonina Pawłowicz  and Edward Juźwiak 

Jerzy (George) Juźwiak 

  • Barbara Wanda Juzwiak and Pierre René Paul Dieu
  • Jean Marc Dieu and Mercedes Banuet Guiot –  Leia Dieu
    • Jacques Edouard Dieu and Vera Pereira Azevedo (divorced) – Melina Dieu
      married Susana Heller
    • Christophe André Dieu and Camila Lindo (divorced)
  • Mark Piotr Juzwiak and Marianne Collard
    • Sybil Juzwiak and Jason Doyle – Ahliyah and Sebastian
    • Kalina Juzwiak
    • Maja Juzwiak
  • Edward Paulo Juzwiak and Gertrude Benedetto Batt (divorced)
    • Stéphanie Batt Juzwiak and Ricardo Brasil – Benício Brasil
    • Darek Batt Juzwiak and Amanda
    • Wendy Batt Juzwiak
  • Jorge Bohdan Juzwiak and Claudia Ridel
    • Teressa Ridel Juzwiak
    • Alexander Ridel Juzwiak and Janina
    • Viktor Ridel Juzwiak

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