Mysore, India

2nd day in Mysore, India┬á­čÖé┬á┬áwhat an interesting place, beeping is just something you do when you pass someone on the street wether u r driving a scooter,rickshaw,car or bus its still not nearly as noisy as the constant traffic noise in sao paulo.big black pigs, dogs, chooks and wandering cows are a daily sight.a refreshing green coconut drink for aud0.4 at the most humid time of the day.its so dusty here!many roads arent paved, under construction or just dusty.flames along the road and smoky air from burning rubbish is not as pleasant as the incense around ­čÖé┬áhaving an authentic tasty indian meal out for aud2 doesnt really inspire me to use the kitchen much although i do write down all the recipes i can…hope i can find all these ingredients back home!oh yes i will also have a month of bucket showers which is a very new experience..and refreshing.loving all the chai,spices and the btful food from my host.staying with 4 students who are doing the same course and have had different journeys and stories on how they got here is inspiring.ok so need to go and check what we r planning for dinner.7pm here and im sure Rani,our host is already getting ready to make some dosas.

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