We have an apartment… finally!

After some back and forth at times tough negotiation, we finally got the lease for the price we wanted and for 2 years. Tomorrow we are going there with Maria, from Nicaragua, who’s our best candidate so far to become our nanny and cleaning/cooking lady. We’re buying cleaning products in order to prepare our moving in… The apartment was recently painted but the painter was not the cleanest person in the world…
We’re exhausted because of the heat, the pressure in getting an apartment soon (our B plan was to move to a Trump Ocean Club furnished apartment… At least no need to buy furniture immediately and it’s a fully serviced option until we find something for the longer term. But we are tired of moving so we wanted to get something nice and long term. I guess it was worth it. For those who are curious about the place we’v found, click here to check it out ­čśë It was the tallest Latin American building in 2010 (70 floors). It’s a luxury place but prices here are way more affordable than in Europe ­čÖé

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