The Dieu family in Brazil was formed when Barbara Wanda Juzwiak, the daughter of Hanna Antonina Pawłowicz and Edward Juźwiak  married Pierre René Paul Dieu, a Belgian who had come  to Brazil to do a two-year cooperation service through the CIME (Comité Intergouvernamental pour les Migrations Européenes) instead of facing military conscription.

They met in Santos, Brazil at the end of 1972, at a cocktail party on the Memling, a vessel that belonged to the Compagnie Maritime Belge, a shipping company Barbara’s father, Edward, Honorary Consul of Belgium in Santos, represented in Brazil. They got married on May 10th 1974 in Santos but have lived in São Paulo ever since.

They have 3 children:

Jean Marc married to Mercedes Banuet-Guiot (one daughter: Leia)
Jacques Edouard divorced from Vera Pereira Azevedo (one daughter: Melina)
Christophe André married to Camila Lindo