First impressions after a couple of days in Panama…

– We are arriving during the worst part of the year: rainy season (they call it winter here but temperatures stick to the 23ºC-33ºC range). We were expecting a torrid and humid sauna. Actually it’s not that bad! And at night it is actually nice.
– When the sun comes out, you’d better have sunscreen…
– When it rains… it can turn into a real shower! Visibility goes to zero and it’s like the clouds fall at once. An umbrella is useless: just run for shelter!
– Mosquitoes: yes, they’re here too, but the mosquito bites I have are actually from Barcelona. We were warned that there’s been dengue problems around so tomorrow I’m going to buy some repellent.
– Most products on supermarket shelves come from the US, so you virtually feel like in the US. So far we only know Super99 and Riba Smith. Following Mrs. Lee’s (from Ohana Kids) recommendations I will get a membership for buying at PriceSmart. We need to see how El Rey is like too.
– Traffic jams here are the rule (even though the city is actually pretty small – it’s due to really bad urban planning: skyscrapers everywhere but not enough avenues and forget about being a pedestrian – the city has not been thought for them: no pedestrian crossings and sometimes no sidewalks). Going to Costa del Este was really the right decision. It’s like a ghetto but it’s a comfortable one.
– People here are very nice, although a litlle bit slooooow sometimes… take your time and take it easy is the philosophy…

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