First night in our new apartment… finally!

After a week waiting for painters that are a disaster and an electrician that never showed up (although he would swear to god that he was on his way when you called him), we finally moved in our new apartment in Ocean Two tower at Costa del Este. The flat is empty: no furniture but the king bed we bought last week. The guys who war supposed to assemble it… guess what? Didn’t show up! Service in Panama has definitely a long way to go… After I finished assembling the bed by 8pm yesterday, we finally could get some rest. The best thing about being on the 32nd floor is… that mosquitoes don’t fly that high ­čÖé For the first time since we arrived in Panama, we were able to sleep with windows wide open and no air conditioning (we all have a cold since last week. Leia has already seen the paediatrician twice). The temperature at night is a warm but comfortable 23┬░C and the air blows from the mountains (actually from the caribbean sea) to the (pacific) ocean. And we can hear the night concert from the local fauna and insects living in the mangrove park in front of the building. Here are the nice views from our room at 8:30am (at low tide… there is up to a 7 meter sea level difference between tides – it must have been a hell of a challenge when the canal was built over a 100 years ago…)

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